Anti-bullying Project

The staff and children at school have been working very hard thinking about anti bullying.

We selected ten children from across Key Stage 2 to take up the role of Anti bullying Ambassadors. As part of an induction into their new role and to understand more about bullying, what it actually is and how to be proactive they visited Southampton University and worked with Professor Daniel Muijs, who leads on the Save the Children International Anti-bullying Research Project. The children in Years R and 5 have been teaching a variety of seed lessons which are aimed at teaching the children at whole class level about how to stand up to and be proactive about bullying as one of their life skills.

As a result of all this work the children have produced, along with Cass Productions, a clear and informative film clip about bullying and this along with a booklet forms our new Anti-bullying Policy.

We recognise that, from time to time, in a large school, some children may behave towards one another in an unacceptable way but we aim to support both victim and perpetrator by educating them and aiming for Weston Park to be a non-violent or aggressive school.