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Welcome, Vision and Values

Welcome to Weston Park Primary School

Thank you for your interest in Weston Park Primary School in East Southampton.

We aim to put the child at the centre of everything we do. We are aspirational for every child. Through staff dedication, commitment and a consistent approach, we aim to create opportunities, possibilities and choices for children that could be endless.

This is how we sum up our school: Creating Endless Opportunities.

Video: Our VisionVideo: Our Vision

Our core values

At Weston Park Primary School we have core values that everyone understands.

We believe that to be a learner you must be safe, be responsible and be respectful.

We are passionate that our unique children deserve to be equipped with the essential knowledge and skills needed to be successful: in the next stage of their education; in their homes; in their local communities and in the wider world.

Our curriculum reflects our ambition that every child is able to make safe choices and develops a deep spiritual, moral, social and cultural understanding.

Aspirations for our pupils

We are aspirational and we want our children to:

  • Manage and deal with different emotions successfully.
  • Develop their ambition and drive to want to achieve things better themselves. We want children to have choice and opportunities when the are older.
  • Have the skills to work cooperatively with others in school and life.
  • Become good citizens of the world.
  • Understand what life choices give us and how to work to achieve this.
  • Be confident and happy children.
  • Have the ability to take on life challengers with courage.

Our staff commitment

As staff we will:

  • Verbalise and act in a way that shows we have realistic, high expectations and ambitions for all children.
  • Ensure that our learning opportunities are fit to meet the needs of all learners and develop independence.
  • Be role models for the core values.
  • Support children’s emotional resilience.
  • Promote a love of learning.
  • Be relentlessly consistent in the way we are as professionals.


Our Federation in a sentence:  Creating Endless Opportunities.