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Art & Design

Art covers many disciplines and it underpins our core values of being Safe, Responsible, Respectful and being a Learner.

Art and Design provides a way of enabling a child to make mistakes, which promotes children using their problem solving skills. These skills are celebrated, allowing for experimentation to discover something new, or to ignite their imagination.

How Art & Design is taught at Weston Park Primary School and Weston Shore Infant School

The teaching of Art and Design, involves teaching skills and concepts in an inclusive, inspiring, engaging and relevant way.

The process of making art is just as relevant as a finished piece of artwork. This allows scope for further opportunities for development and for children to reflect and develop methods of revisiting works, or using art pieces as a point of reference.

Children see before they speak, make marks before they write, build before they walk but the children’s ability to appreciate and interpret these things is influenced by the quality of their art, craft and design education. That is why Art has been integrated into our broad and balanced curriculum so that we can teach it to a high standard.

All of the artwork that the children will create is linked to the different books that they will be reading in each topic. The children will gain various skills by being exposed to different art media throughout the school, e.g. printing, sculpture, painting, weaving, drawing and collage.

The curriculum has been revised so that it is be fully inclusive of all of the changes in the new National Curriculum.

SMSC and philosophy in art

SMSC stands for Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural development. This is at the heart of our curriculum and we want our children to make safe choices and develop a deep spiritual, moral, social and cultural understanding.

We also teach P4C, Philosophy for Children, and we want our children to have the chance to discuss and debate in an open-minded manner.

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Intent, Implementation and Impact Statement for Art and Design