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Curriculum Statements

Here at Weston Park Primary we are determined to provide the very best for every child and create a learning environment where they can achieve their personal best.

Everyone at the school works hard to ensure that all our children love learning by ensuring our topics excite and engage the children. We also make sure our children are able to read, write, calculate with numbers, and use current technology effectively, as these are important skills needed to help them succeed on their journey through education.

This will enable them to become adults who can achieve well in an ever changing world.

Throughout their time at Weston Park, pupils will be encouraged to take responsibility for their learning so that they become independent, resilient and imaginative learners with a wide variety of skills.

Our curriculum is broad and rich, and includes a range of school trips to embed and bring learning to life. Your child will also have the chance to take part in a range of additional curriculum experiences such as sporting and musical events in the local community and with other schools.

Our curriculum reflects our ambition that every child is able to make safe choices and develops a deep spiritual, moral, social and cultural understanding.

Find out more about what happens in each part of our curriculum by following the links on the right. Or head to our podcast page to listen to our new curriculum podcasts.